Welcome to the Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento

The Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento, incorporated in 1911 as the Federation of Churches, serves greater Sacramento by recognizing that the entire faith community can work together to foster greater understanding and respect among people of different faiths, and to discover that together we can make a difference in the areas where we share common ground and purpose.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote respect for all faiths and religious human rights for all, to encourage faiths to work together for better understanding, to encourage a cohesive hand of all faiths in social services, to implement programs for the basic needs in the community, and to help protect religious freedom for us all.

Our Rich History in Sacramento

The Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento began in 1911, knows then as the Federation of Churches, as a means of building connections within the Christian community and for the Christian church to address the wider community with a common voice.  As Sacramento continued to grow, so did the diversity of the religious community.  In 1978, the organization’s name was changed to the Interfaith Service Bureau (ISB), reflecting the recognition that the entire faith community needs to work together in fostering greater understanding and respect among people of different faiths.

Sharing, Educating and Working Together

Today we are a vibrant, diverse and active community committed to discovering that despite our differences, we can stand united in areas where we share common ground and interests: working together to feed, clothe, and house people; joining together to clean up the community and to respond in time of disasters; standing together for love and understanding as opposed to discrimination; urging involvement instead of indifference.

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace

Photo Gallery

Please check out our Photo Gallery for more pictures of past events.


The following programs are sponsored and organized by the ICGS:

  • Sacramento Faith TV (formerly the Religious Coalition for Cable Television – RCCTV) provides faith and values programming from both local and national sources 24 hours a day on Cable Channels 20 (Comcast) and 19 (SureWest) in Sacramento County. The local programming is also available through simulcasting on http://sacramentofaithtv.org/.  You can also watch the “30 Minutes of Faith” video interviews of faith leaders by ICGS President Jon Fish on YouTube. “30 Minutes of Faith” is produced in Sacramento by the ICGS owned and operated Sacramento Faith TV.
  • The Annual Membership Meeting & Potluck in June provides a review of the work  of the ICGS and Sacramento Faith TV over the past year, plans for the future, as well as election by the ICGS membership of the members of the Board of Trustees. The meeting is an opportunity to celebrate the positive achievements of interfaith cooperation, and to plan for the many challenges we face in seeking to build a more caring, compassionate and just community. All people of faith are welcome, members or not.
  • The “Power of One” Honors Banquet combines sharing a meal along with music, a review of events of the past year, and opportunities to serve in the year ahead to create an evening of fellowship, celebration, and challenge. This is the primary annual fundraiser for the work of the ICGS. All members of all faiths are invited!
  • The Day of Dialogue is a gathering every 3-4 months of Greater Sacramento area faith and community leaders — and all who want to attend – to listen and learn, and to discuss with others the topics pertinent to our days, times, congregations and homes.
  • The Interfaith Night of Music and the Spoken Word in September is a family-friendly evening of Hymns, Readings from various faiths and Patriotic Songs — Solo, Mixed Chorale, Choir, Organ — to commemorate the events of 9/11/2001.
  • The ICGS Young Adult Committee provides semi-monthly service projects to aid in the interfaith work.
  • The ICGS spends time and resources on announcing events and projects for all faiths in greater Sacramento. A “flash” email goes out once a week to over 300 groups.
Security Guides for Houses of Worship

This letter from U.S. Attorney Wagner contains security related information and best practices specifically for houses of worship.

Board of Trustees

The Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento is managed by a Board of Trustees.
Each year, one-third of the Board is elected at the Annual Meeting for a three-year term.

Back row: Tom Hamilton, Gary Bond, Jeanne Anderson-West, Jon Fish, Jeff Cota, Peter Dannenfelser II Front row: Edrine Ddungu, Diana Rude’, Meg McClaskey, Melissa Martin, Gale Tompkins-Bischel, Monty Johnson

Listed below are of Board officers for 2016-2017:

·         Jon Fish, Latter-day Saints, President

·         Edrine Ddungu, Presbyterian, 1st Vice President

·         Gary Bond, Baha’i, 2nd Vice President

·         Melissa Martin, Seventh-day Adventist, Secretary

·         Tom Hamilton, Abundant Life Broadcasting, Treasurer

Listed below are other Board members for 2016-2017:

·         Jeanne Anderson-West, St. Ignatius Parish

·         Jeff Cota, Church of Scientology

·         Rutherford Smith, Sacramento Valley Family Church (Unification)

·         Darshan Singh Mundy, Sikh

·         Diana Rude, Jewish

·         Akram Keval, Muslim

·         Peter Dannenfelser II, Buddhist

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