Baha’i Faith:

What my faith means to me: My faith in God is everything. It is the very life I breathe. I would be lost if I didn’t have faith. You look around you at the violence, death, cruelty and corruption and you ask Why?, What’s the use? Faith gives me an answer. The answer is God. God gave and continues to give me everything. My very life, my faith, my health, my family. He’s my Succorer, my Helper, my Companion, my Best-Beloved. Through the Baha’i Faith, I’m given the ability to express my feelings of hope and frustration in not being able to live up to what I want to be. I can be of service to my fellow Baha’is and to the world and also to learn more about God and how to be closer to God. Through the Baha’i Faith, with our principle of the Oneness of Mankind, I have a connection with every person on earth. I see us all as one people, struggling to find our path to God. Baha’u'llah says that we, the people of the world, are the “plants of the orchard, the flowers of the meadows, the roses of one garden”. I saw that in my stay in China.

Serene Erby