Interfaith Events

ICGS has many fun and uplifting events planned in the coming months!  To find interfaith events planned by ICGS and/or our Faith Group Members, click on the appropriate month in the drop-down menu listed under Interfaith Events.

Here are some highlights:


  • Three separate Days of Dialogue (current topics and subjects)
  • First Day of Spring blessing on the community event – March
  • Power of One Awards dinner – May
  • Night of Music and the Spoken Word – August
  • CSUS Interreligious Peace Event
  • SMUD Luncheon and Discussion of Environmental Savings to Churches
  • RCMA Convention Center Event
  • 5K Spring Fun Run
  • Co-Sponsoring of Family Justice Center
  • Four “30 Minutes of Faith” TV Shows, per month, on SacFaith TV (Comcast, Ch 20)
  • Annual Lunch with Clergy



Submitting Articles for the ICGS News/Calendar Webpages and Newsletters

One of the purposes of the ICGS website and newsletters is to publicize interfaith and other spiritual and educational events open to the public that are sponsored by ICGS or our member organizations. We also publicize volunteer opportunities in the service projects of ICGS and our member organizations. Of course, we will give first priority to those who are members of the Interfaith Council and we hope you will join with us in striving to spread the good word of love, peace and unification in all faiths. We think prioritization is the fairest way to handle the requests. Our website can teach you/show you how to join with us.

We invite you to provide articles to ICGS for your interfaith events that are open to the public. Please send your articles to for review and approval. We are trying to refrain from political processes, as there are plenty of other avenues in which to spread the word. We are anxious to share religious and faith-based items that will benefit all.

Please use the following sample format when submitting the text of an article for the website and newsletter:

Saturday, May 1, 7-8 pm – Event Title
1-2 sentence description of the event.
location name location street address, city, state, zip
contact name (optional) phone number web link (optional) *
event flyer (optional) *

* if possible, for a flyer, please provide a pdf or jpg file or a link to the event on your website so that people can read more details and share them with others.